Latest Technology

latest-technology_1475203528017.jpgA popular Golf Gadget is the Laser Range Finder, that can be classified in the latest gadget category. Here we have a device that is somewhat similar to a pair of binoculars, except that this unit fires a laser beam at your chosen target and the beam bounces back to your device which then electronically calculates the time it took for the beam to send and receive thus calculating the distance of the target, be it a flag, green, hazard or your ball position. As with all these devices the laser and the gps Range Finders, there are many makes and models such as, Bushnell or Nikon, so you really need to do some research on the device you choose, … read more

Cool New Technology Products

Cool-New-Technology-Products_1475204178297.jpgA free cool gadget that is very useful is referred to as Kidsafe. With Kidsafe set up on your computer system youngsters are not able to change your settings or delete much really wanted files. Kidsafe may be downloaded directly to your computer system online it will conserve you a lot of aggravation and still enable the youngsters to click the mouse or press buttons on your keyboard without interrupting any of your applications.

There are various types of vision goggles just as you find many of other forms as well, whatever type you wish to own, its importance can not be overemphasized. You will be able to clearly see at night if you are in your house looking out … read more

Inventions That Need to Be Improved

inventions photoTaking a product to market is not an easy method. Usually, the ones who are patronizing new products or inventions are start up companies. Before a new product idea becomes available to the public, it needs to be patented.

Typically, a company or an inventor files provisional patent application that includes a written or documented description of how an invention has been established as well as how it will be used. Inventors will extremely benefit from it for the fundamental reasons of exclusive rights of an invention, less competition, higher market value, higher level of confidence, opportunities for selling a product, and gaining a positive image from investors.

Several companies particularly in technology industry are continuing creating and formulating new … read more

cool iPhone accessories

iPhone accessories photo

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The first of the iPhone accessories you will need is a slider case. Face it, you need to move and your iPhone will be moving with you! Keep it safe inside the slender slider case. It protects your iPhone from shock and from scratches, and it still fits easily in your pocket!


There are several other iPhone accessories which can be used with cell phones. These contain cell phone chargers, automobile kits, and external convenient speakers, parking docks, data cables and a lot more. All these accessories are manufactured to make the mobile a convenient, valuable and fun gadget.


Next, though not one of the most obvious iPhone accessories, it is a very important one. … read more

cool gadgets to buy

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The definition gizmo is any item or equipment that you can use to fulfill a need which can only be availed you via an electronic means. This does not mean that they are electronic only, apart from that they are items which one can own that could very well be used in day to day life.

Before now, no matter what type of night vision goggles you wish to use, it was either used for image enhancement or for thermal imaging, but recently, technological enhancement has made it possible for one single gadget to be used to achieve both purposes. They are used by scientists who undergo researches on the field, in the military, educational institutions, … read more

Cool Inventions

Just when you thought one thing is impossible, an invention comes along that proves you wrong. With all the available technology around us, with every machine constantly perfected by skilled individuals, anything is possible.

Another cool technology are computers that type for you. This technology would be unheard of twenty years ago. Another amazing technology is the 3D tvs.

Just like with certain technologies that you know you could really live with, like for health reasons or lifestyle betterment, but you know you can never afford to buy.

Just like with certain technologies that you know you could really live with, like for health reasons or lifestyle betterment, but you know you … read more

Latest Inventions and Discoveries

inventions photoA number of significant scientific events occurred recently that can be touted as the latest inventions and discoveries of major significance. For example there has been a discovery of numerous Earthlike exoplanets, more than 1800 have been discovered. A study by Caltech astronomers reports that the Milky Way Galaxy contains at least one planet per star, resulting in approximately 100–400 billion exoplanets. The study, based on planets orbiting the star Kepler-32, suggests that planetary systems may be the norm around stars in our galaxy.

The development of viable lab-grown ears, teeth, livers and blood vessels, successful new treatments for diseases such as HIV, Usher syndrome and leukodystrophy, and a major expansion in the use and capabilities of technologies such as … read more

Latest Inventions and Innovations

The bike operates at a safe, low level height and can easily replace previous one man helicopters for professional tasks. It is purposed to complete jobs such as search and rescue, precision farming, first responder emergency services and cargo shipping of up to 265lbs.

In 2011 Malloy and his company, Malloy Aeronautics, developed an original vehicle they called a Hoverbike. One way creators often bring in investors is by promising them some type of incentive once the project takes off. In Chris Malloy’s case, he has come up with a fully functioning model of the quadcopter that is 1/3 the size that the final product will be. Malloy Aeronautics claims that they aren’t … read more

Accidental Inventions

inventions photoIn 1968, a scientist at 3M in the United States, Dr. Spencer Silver, was attempting to develop a super-strong adhesive. Instead he accidentally created a “low-tack”, reusable, pressure-sensitive adhesive. For five years, Silver promoted his “solution without a problem” within 3M both informally and through seminars but failed to gain acceptance. In 1974 a colleague who had attended one of his seminars, Art Fry, came up with the idea of using the adhesive to anchor his bookmark in his hymnbook. Fry then utilized 3M’s officially sanctioned “permitted bootlegging” policy to develop the idea. The original notes’ yellow color was chosen by accident, as the lab next-door to the Post-it team had only yellow scrap paper to use.

3M launched … read more

Future Computer Technologies

Computer Technologies photoWe all get excited every time new computers get more powerful and hold more stuff. We’ve seen the computer shrink in size as the ‘microchip’ becomes smaller and smaller.

According to many sources, enrollments in computer science degrees in the United States have been on the decline for over four years. Over the coming years you will see salaries for computer technicians adjust to match these new realities.

Today’s computer chips sit on a silicone wafer, but the future computer may use nanotube fabrication or graphene fabrication instead. A graphene sheet is only one atom thick, and a nanotube is a ‘rolled up’ sheet of graphene with a diameter of one nanometer. These are considered the future of … read more